9 Types Of Astrology You Need To Know!

9 Types Of Astrology You Need To Know!

What exactly do you think about when you hear the term astrology?  Astrology is capable of predicting a person’s future which in a way is true. But how does it accomplish this? In astrology, the astrologer uses the study and psychic analysis of the celestial bodies to foretell worldly and human affairs. This isn’t all; astrology is just one main idea, and many sorts of astrology fall under this subject, as we’ll see further in this article.

1-     Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is one of the earliest forms of astrology. It functions as a divination technique in which the astrologer asks yes or no questions depending on the chart they have made for the precise time and location. Although some believe that this is one of the most accurate techniques, it is not often used due to chart blocks.


2-     Mundane Astrology

This is the most interesting kind of astrology since it forecasts world events. Because this type is about world affairs, the astrologer must be well-versed in historical events. It’s also astonishing that each country has its unique birth chart, allowing astrologers to estimate the past and future merely by looking at the cycles and patterns.

3-     Natal Astrology

This sort of astrology is based on a person’s natal chart, which depicts the positions of important celestial bodies at the moment of their birth. This astrology is a helpful tool for making people aware of their personality, traits, and potential life path.

4-     Relationship Astrology

This astrology is a sort of natal astrology that focuses on the similarity and closeness between individuals, whether romantic or not. This is accomplished by overlaying one’s birth chart above the other’s birth chart to observe where the planets appear, providing further details about the connection and studying their daily lives together.


5-     Medical Astrology

This is an old form of astrology that links body parts and illnesses to planets and zodiac signs, with each zodiac sign ruling a body part and each planet affecting various organs. This is an excellent approach to seeing various medical difficulties; nevertheless, one should not solely rely on astrology and consult their healthcare specialist.

6-     Electional Astrology

This branch of astrology determines the ideal time for an event depending on the movements of the celestial bodies. If you want to ensure that no obstacles stand in the way of your major events, you should consult an electional astrologer who can advise you on the ideal dates for your events.

7-     Vedic Astrology

Also known as Hindu astrology, this type of Indian astrology is used to predict the outcome of any event. It is related to electional astrology that is calculated according to stars and has twelve divinations.

8-     Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is a classifying system centered on the lunar calendar that assigns animals from folklore to each year in a twelve-year cycle giving people advice on how to conduct their lives.

9-     Western Astrology

The Western Zodiac is thought to reflect twelve main character patterns or typical expressions and is centered on the Earth’s connection to fixed, defined points in the sky and the Earth’s seasons.

9 Types Of Astrology You Need To Know!
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